In The Weeds 8.16.17: We’re Hungry!

We have four old menus for local businesses here in the Special Collections Dept at the Emily Fowler Library: The Flying Tomato, The Duck Inn and Jim’s Diner. We think “The Tomato” example is from the early 2000s after they were no longer franchised and the “Flying Tomato” menu is from the mid-to-late 1990s. The Duck Inn menu is probably from the early 2000s, as well. Finally, the Jim’s menu is maybe from the early ’90’s? We would love to hear from anyone who knows who worked at any of these establishments. Contact us at the email below.

The Duck Inn existed for nearly 60 years at the same location in Lake Dallas from 1945 to mid 2000’s and were known by the famous and funny motto, “Duck Inn and Waddle Out!” The Flying Tomato was established in 1984 at 1226 West Hickory Street on a location formerly occupied by The Crossroads Club and Bullwinkle’s. Jim’s Diner existed at 110 Fry Street from 1980 to approximately 1997 and was the sight of many a performance and poetry reading from some folks you may have heard of like Brave Combo, Little Jack Melody, and Norah Jones.

Now, without further ado, here they are and we cannot be held responsible for your hunger pangs…



Here’s an ad from the January 2, 1958 Record-Chronicle advertising the newly “Rmodeled” (oops!) Duck Inn:


Two Tomato menus, donated by Melinda Rule:





Here’s a 1986 Alec Williams photo of the Flying Tomato during the Fry Street Fair of that year:


Finally, the piece de resistance: a hand drawn menu from the late and much lamented Jim’s Diner at 110 Fry Street followed by a Denton Record-Chronicle photo, both courtesy of Martin Iles:



Many thanks to Melinda Rule, Martin Iles, and Alec Williams for their contributions.

(I had too much fun tagging this blog post with words like, “Gutbuster”, “catfish”, “hushpuppies”, etc.)

Written by Chuck Voellinger. For questions or comments please email me at Thanks for reading!


Lewisville Lake Fishing Barge

The Lewisville Lake Fishing Barge was opened in 1958 and was one of the most modern and largest in Texas. It has since been enlarged from the picture shown below and is still on the Lake in its original spot. If you visit expect to step back in time to when people fished for sustenance as well as recreation.There is a definite old school vibe to place with hard-core fisherman and women, families, many old snapshots of folks with their prized catches, and the lingering odor or thousands of cigarettes smoked combined with fish. Utterly independent of current popular culture and a real throwback. I’m hoping that its never replaced with something “nicer”. ~Chuck


Boat Racing on Lake Dallas

A gentleman whose family goes back several generations in Denton County came by recently wanting any articles on the Denton Boat Club and/or racing on Garza Reservoir/Lake Dallas. I was able to find quite a few in the Denton Record-Chronicle through Newspaper Archives (available only at one of our three library branches). Apparently boat racing was a thing back in the ’30s and ’40s and I was able to find ads for the ‘Hundley Boat Co’ owned by the gentleman’s father and also the origin of Hundley Road near the town of Lake Dallas. Here’s their website with some nice historical photos.

Hundley ad from 1959

Hundley ad from 1959