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Movies to Enjoy?

I just got back from vacation.  Despite my longing to go to Brazil for the World Cup, my husband and I stayed at home and did things around the DFW area.  We also watched movies.  Even though going to the movies is great, there is something about being at home with a big bowl of popcorn and a soda.  Plus, you don’t have to step over anyone to go to the restroom.  Here are my reviews of the movies we watched on vacation.  They are all available at the library, of course.


 The Wolf of Wall Streetjacket

Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill

Directed by: Martin Scorsese

Overall, I found the characters despicable and disgusting.  They had no morals, no sense of decency, and some of them ended up in jail.  That being said, I can tell why it was up for an Academy Award.  The grandeur and the audacity shown on film was brilliant.  DiCaprio really takes it to the next level.  He’s manic one minute and sensible the next.  He has a child-like joy about him when he is talking to his employees and he is ruthless when selling stocks.  The only people I liked in this movie was Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife and Steve Madden, the shoe designer.  I really do miss my chunky heels of the 90s.  I wish those would come back in style.  Anyway, Scorsese is always controversial and has an excellent way of making the audience hate his characters.  Casino is an excellent example of this.  I don’t think I would ever elect to watch this movie again, although I thought some of it was amusing, in it’s own way.  If you want a great Scorsese movie, try The Color of Money with Paul Newman and Tom Cruise or Gangs of New York with Leonardo DiCaprio.  Be forewarned, Gangs of New York is pretty violent and gory, but visually, it’s an amazing movie.

jacketWhen Harry Met Sally

Starring: Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal

This is my go-to, feel-good movie.  I have seen this film thousands of times.  I can quote lines, tell you background history on the filming, and so much more.  I still have my VHS copy, it’s that good.  It’s a girl meets boy, girl hates boy, girl and boy become friends, boy ruins it, and they fall in love.  The movie starts directly after college graduation when Harry and Sally share a car ride to New York.  They don’t know each other and the have very different views on relationships.  One of the most memorable lines is Harry stating that men and women can never be friends.  That car ride sets the tone for the whole movie.  It’s a really wonderful film about how men and women are different and how they can change and grow.  Just for full disclosure, my husband didn’t watch this one with me.  He elected to mow the lawn instead.  It is a pretty girly movie, I suppose.  In my defense, I am a girl.



jacketThe Wolverine

Starring: Hugh Jackman

When we first started this movie, I thought it was the awful X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie.  It wasn’t, although they both start off in a POW camp, which I thought was weird.  I’m not sure why Marvel keeps making movies about this one particular X-Men character.  Yes, he’s cool, he’s a bad-boy, and Hugh Jackman is handsome, but there are other X-Men who deserve to have a movie about them and there are other plot lines to explore.  It was interesting.  There were lots of Japanese references, as some of the movie is in Japan.  I liked it better than Origins, but it’s not a good as the other X-Men movies.  Although, the movie X-Men: The Last Stand was not great either.  If you really want to watch an X-Men movie and have seen the others, this one is okay.   If you want a really interesting Hugh Jackman movie, try The Prestige.  It’s a great movie that is completely underrated.



jacketIndiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Starring: Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, and John Hurt

Directed by: Steven Spielberg

I think I am the only person in the United States who enjoyed this movie.  Everyone I know thought the alien aspect was hard to swallow and I somewhat agree.  However, when you think about all the other stuff he found in the other movies, this one isn’t so bad.  For example, in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, he found 3 magic rocks from a magic stream that could made a village prosper.  And someone had their heart ripped out with just a hand and didn’t die immediately.  I don’t think that’s possible to do, but I let it go because it’s a movie.  I thought it was a very interesting take on the theory that aliens helped build the Mayan pyramids.  They even reference Egypt in the film to make the connection to both continents.  I liked that the characters came full circle from the first film with Karen Allen.  She was always my favorite and I’m glad to see what happened to her.  I really enjoy all the Indiana Jones films and Steven Spielberg is an amazing storyteller.  I also really enjoy any music John Williams composes.


jacket The Bletchley Circle

Starring: Anna Maxwell Martin

This isn’t really a movie, it’s a British mini-series, but I watched it on vacation, so it still counts.  It is about a group of women who worked at Bletchley during World War II cracking enemy codes and finding patterns in things the Germans were doing.  After the war, they all went separate ways and couldn’t talk about the things they did during the war.  One of them starts to notice a pattern in seemingly random murders.  She enlists the help of her former co-workers to solve the mystery.  These women are strong and smart and no one around them sees who they really are and what they can really do.  If you like mysteries, this is a great one.  I would also recommend Endeavor, which is the early years of Inspector Morse.  It’s great stuff.  I might also like PBS a little too much.




jacketJack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Starring: Chris Pine and Keira Knightley

This is a GREAT movie.  I loved every minute of it!  It was fast, smart, and exciting.  Chris Pine is a great action star and really shows a wide range of emotions in this movie.  It starts on 9/11 at Oxford University when Jack Ryan decides to join the Marines.  He is in a helicopter crash and that’s how he meets his future girlfriend, Keira Knightley, as she is a physical therapist.  The CIA recruits him to be a spy at a bank, looking at transactions for suspicious money that could lead to terrorism.  He finds some and the race is on to stop the terrorists before they can get us!  Chris Pine also stars in the new Star Trek movies, which are also great.  Keira Knightley is in one of my favorite versions of Pride and Prejudice.  The costumes in that version are my favorite.


Have thoughts on any of these movies?  Leave it in the comments!


WyLaina Polk is the manager of the Emily Fowler Central Library and loves most movies.



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The Way We Get By

Product DetailsIs a little gem of a film from Aron Gaudet, 80 minutes long and a real perspective – changer. This documentary features the Maine Troop Greeters in Bangor, Maine, the jumping off spot for troops headed to the Middle East or returning from the front.   Three elderly greeters give viewers a glimpse into their lives as tireless volunteers who provide every single soldier a handshake, pat on the back or big thank you. This movie goes beyond the airport scenes to reveal some of the personal tribulations of growing old. One particularl poignant scene for pet lovers involves a final goodbye to a treasured friend. As the mom of a soldier, I expected to be touched by the scenes of soldiers leaving. What I didn’t expect was the immense compassion I felt for the greeters. I want to call them up, pat them on the back and tell them thanks. What an example. 

~Terri Gibbs

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Innocent by Scott Turow

Usually, when decades later, an author writes a sequel to an earlier successful novel it is a sign of desperation. However, Scott Turow ‘s return to the characters of his thrilling debut “Presumed Innocent” offers that rare treat where a reader’s familiarity with the characters mixed with the passing of time has produced a dark, engaging and thoroughly satisfying read.

Rusty Sabich, the hero of the first novel is now a judge, but once again he finds himself sitting at the defendants table in a murder trial – in which even the reader doesn’t know how complacent he is in the crime.  Turow captures the cynicism that comes with a lifetime of working in the court system, where justice and the truth give way to expediency.

If you loved the page turner that was “Presumed Innocent” you will not be able to put down his new novel “Innocent”.

Also check out the great movie based on the book  “Presumed Innocent” starring Harrison Ford.


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So You Want to Exercise More…

Most of us try to make resolutions at New Years, but as most of us know, the follow-through rarely follows the resolution.  Let the Denton Public Library help you reach your New Year and new decade goals in 2010!

If your resolution is to get up off the couch and get moving, we have plenty of books and DVDs to keep things interesting…here are just a few:

No Gym Required: Unleash Your Inner Rock Star by Jennifer Cohen

So You Think You Can Dance — Get Fit: Cardio Funk DVD

1001 Ways to Get in Shape by Susannah Marriot

Move a Little, Lose a Lot by James Levine

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It’s more than just a game.


Recently Emily Fowler hosted former Fred Moore High School Dragon football players to talk about what it was like playing for C.H. Collins during the 50’s and 60’s.  We filmed the event, and now you can check out the DVD.

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