Fitter Happier

In 1997, the alternative rock band Radiohead released their third studio album OK Computer produced by Nigel Godrich which was an instant classic to most music critics. Ok Computer, a large departure sonically and in subject matter from Radiohead’s previous two albums, at times feels like Noam Chomsky who wrote the lyrics rather than lyricist Thom Yorke. OK Computer takes place in a dystopian society in what could be considered the third millennium where consumerism and technology are at its height and human psyche at a low. Radiohead creates the atmosphere of OK Computer with synthesizers and overdriven guitars and influences artists like DJ Shadow and Miles Davis. Another interesting aspect of OK Computer is that Radiohead put out ads in newspapers and television stations with an image stating lyrics from the song Fitter Happier. I have to admit I was about fifteen years late in discovering OK Computer, but once I heard it, it was an album that influenced me greatly and has become one of my favorite records. Twenty years after its initial release, it sounds like it was recorded yesterday.

OK Computer   Welcome to the Machine   Fitter Happier

Abdon Gonzalez
Emily Fowler


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