Of course it’s a Christmas Movie!

I recently had someone I cherish tell me over the phone, “It has been a difficult year.” I think there are moments in every year, month, week, or day that make it seem more difficult compared to others. However, I think this person is right, this year has been difficult. It seems most events this year highlighted differences rather than commonalty.  I like as President Kennedy once spoke to “direct attention to our common interests.” But, even as I strive towards such a mindset, I am reminded that I have strongly held beliefs that I will not budge on. Not….one….bit. Such as, is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

Die Hard

Of course, it is a Christmas movie. How could it not be? It starts with a Christmas party. It has a Santa hat used as an important prop. It has “ho, ho, ho” uttered at an important point in the film. Most important of all, it teaches a common holiday theme of good will towards fellow humans, after we deal with these terrorists. I could go on, but you get my point.

Now to those who think otherwise, I’ll grant you, “Shoot the glass,” is not found in most other holiday films. But, it’s a line that really should be added to every holiday classic. “Shoot the glass Frosty” would definitely liven up that tale and probably would have helped Frosty out in the greenhouse.

Speaking of that memorable line from Die Hard, the actor who uttered the dialogue as the villainous, Hans Gruber is someone we lost this year. Die Hard was in fact the late Alan Rickman’s first American movie, but it would not be his last. Take a look at what the library has to offer of this actor’s incredible body of work. Watch just a handful of his work and you’ll shake your head that the actor never even got nominated for an Academy Award. If nothing else he should have been nominated for Best Villain in a Christmas movie, right?

Jess Edward Turner
South Branch Library


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