Spanish Treasures

There is nothing like sitting down and getting comfortable in your favorite chair to view a good movie, while making sure the popcorn in easy reach.  But what movies should I watch?  Like everyone else I like to view the most currently film on DVD.  But sometimes there is a long wait to view those titles of films from the library.  This is the perfect opportune time to explore other DVDs.  I did just that in the World Language section at North Branch Library.  As I was browsing the collection when a jacket cover caught my eye. Under the Same Moon/La Misma Luna. The jacket cover was in English so why was it in the Spanish section?  The movie is in Spanish with English subtitles.

The movie is about a mother (Kate de Castillo) living and working in the United States trying to earn enough money to bring her son (Adrian Alonso) and mother/grandmother to America.  However, during the course of events, the  mother/grandmother dies and the son (Adrian Alonso), now on his own, makes his way to America, illegally.  The boy is very resourceful and meets a man (Eugenio Derbez) who helps him get to the city where his mother (Kate de Castillo) is working.  The man (Eugenio Derbez) tries his best to help the boy find his mother.  Will they succeed?  Will the boy find his mother?  You will have to see the movie to find out.


While watching Under the Same Moon/La Misma Luna, I truly enjoyed Eugenio Derbez performance.  I found another movie which he stars in. Instructions not included is a story about a playboy Valentin Bravo (Eugenio Derbez) who finds out he is now a Dad when his fling leaves a baby at his doorstep. While crossing the border illegally to America to find the baby’s mother, be begins to bond with his child. Unable to find the mother Valentin Bravo decides to raise the baby on his own and gets a job as a stunt man. This film made me laugh and cry.  The love Valentin has for his child is so touching.  Eugenio Derbez gives an excellent performance. I truly recommend this movie.

These are only two movies titles to view. There are many more treasures waiting for your viewing pleasure.  Let me know about the treasures you viewed.

Carmen Grant


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