Don’t Buy ‘Em … Make ‘Em!

I hate greeting cards.  I know – that makes me sound cruel, hating something that is meant to bring joy or comfort or nice thoughts.  It’s like hating rainbows or puppies.  But the fact remains.  Here are some reasons why.

First off, if someone sends me a card I do not yell or throw it or cry.  I smile because receiving a greeting card is a nice sentiment.  It lets you know someone is thinking of you.  But then what?  What do you do with the card!?  Do you keep this card – and for how long?  Do you display it – and where?  And once you are done displaying it, do you keep it?  I don’t have the answers.  I have kept some cards that included long letters or something special.  But most cards I just end up recycling, like, immediately after the reading and smiling take place.

Second, WHY ARE GREETING CARDS SO EXPENSIVE?  Even the simple flat ones, with no special embellishments, shiny things, flaps that open, popups, sound effects, glitter or other extras cost several dollars at the local grocery or department store.  I am sorry, but I do not want to pay several dollars for a piece of paper.  It is convenient, yes, but I still don’t want to (and I’m not that sorry).

Buying and sending cards makes us feel that we have accomplished something.  And we have.  We accomplished a vicious greeting card cycle of going to the store, spending too much money on a glossy piece of paper, affixing a stamp to an envelope with the glossy paper inside (more money), putting it in the mail, giving the postman something else to carry and placing a burden on someone else – the burden of what to do with the card (see second paragraph).  Does anyone save ALL their cards?  Most likely not.  So the card ends up being recycled or thrown away only to have more greeting cards made in its place.

So how do we end this?  (Because it obviously must stop.)

My answer: Make your own cards!

I enjoy making things, but have just recently learned how much fun it can be to make cards.  And you don’t have to be that crafty to do it!  Plus, each card is a tiny work of art that the recipient won’t want to throw away.  You can even use recycled materials to make the cards.  Not sure where to begin?  This is where the library comes in!

We are offering free card-making classes, two sessions of which have already passed.  But it’s not too late!  Awesome crafter and Stampin’ Up demonstrator Sheri Yielding ( has a card-making workshop coming up at the Emily Fowler Central Library on Thursday, November 17 at 6:30 p.m.  She has already taught workshops in September and October, bringing with her tons of cool card-making gear and a great big smile.  You can register for this workshop at  Below are some examples of cards made with her supplies.


In December, local crafter Hanci Tollefson will be holding a free holiday card-making workshop.  Available will be supplies to make one-of-a-kind cards for those you love!  Look out for our new events flier online and in our libraries near the end of November for more information about this class!

So with just some cardstock, stamps and other simple embellishments you too can make lovely little cards again and again.

And here are some books the library has available to inspire the card maker in you:

the-complete-photo-guide-to-cardmaking     paper-craft  cardmakers-hand-lettering-workbook     card-to-canvas  the-big-book-of-holiday-paper-crafts

Dawn Terrizzi
Emily Fowler Central Library


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