Who Wrote That? Your Neighbor!

When I started at the library I was shocked to find that each branch has its own local music section. Some music I recognized and most I didn’t. I have stumbled upon some really great music exploring this section of the library. So here is a list of some great finds in the Denton Public Library’s selection. Some of these groups are now defunct but have possibly started new projects.


Bamnan and Slivercork by Midlake


The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads by Lift to Experience (Physical copies on Amazon are running around $180!)





Pine Sticks and Phosphorus by Robert Gomez (He is playing a show this Friday at the Greater Denton Arts Council…check it out!)




Ruined My Life by Daniel Markham (Check out his latest album “Disintegrator”…it’s very good.









Spooky Folk






Abdon Gonzalez
Emily Fowler Library


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