My earliest memory of the public library is not of a cozy StoryTime, but rather a tale of Fightclub. Everyone at Clinton Jr. High knew that afterschool fights were held behind the tiny little library next door to the school. While I was not immune to the dramatic impulses that led to these matches, violence made me queasy, so as the herd tramped down the alley, I veered off into the library. I found new worlds inside and was soon reading my way through the adult section. I have to say it was proximity and access that were my keys to the library world.

Almost everyone agrees that libraries are a good deal. Libraries offer books and other items for check out, free computer use and helpful classes. It’s the best place for literacy training for young or old. But not everyone has the access and proximity. Some neighborhoods are far away from the three Denton Public Library locations. Some neighborhoods are unfamiliar with the concept of “free” public libraries. Some folks are so busy working they can’t make it to the library, and some aren’t physically able to travel.

Dpl2go is a mobile library unit that brings a micro library to these folks. Launched nearly one year ago, dpl2go has visited locations to bring free books, library programs and kind and helpful people. Staffed by library employees and volunteers, dpl2go has been to senior housing, family apartments, traditional neighborhoods, and the Denton State School. We visited Careers on Wheels days at local elementary schools, participated in the Touch a Truck event, drove in the July 4th Parade, and went to free summer lunch sites in local parks.


Libraries ARE a good deal. Folks are happy to know and experience the advantages a library card can bring to their families. We are happy to show them. Let’s give everyone in Denton the proximity and access that can point them towards a new hobby, a new career, or perhaps, a lifetime of reading.


– Terri Gibbs, Director of Libraries


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