Britcoms at DPL (REDUX)

It’s been two years since we last talked about Britcoms (American slang for “British Sitcom”) at the Denton Public Library. It’s been on my mind since Absolutely Fabulous is finally wrapping up their 24-year run with a feature film that opened last month. Ab Fab then reminds me of the wonderful collaboration in sketch comedy, French and Saunders. Ab Fab’s Jennifer Saunders and her long-time comedy partner, Dawn French, team up to create some of the funniest bits of comedy ever produced.

Both Dawn and Jennifer continue their connections into the comedy world as Dawn’s ex-husband, Lenny Henry, stars in Chef!, which is a terrific series about a genius, but very crusty chef. If you’re an avid watcher of the Food Channel, this one’s for you. Jennifer’s husband is Adrian Edmonson who starred in the 80’s MTV Britcom The Young Ones. If you’re a child of the 80’s and aren’t easily offended, you might enjoy that one!

Also for the not-easily offended, Peep Show may be one of the best sitcoms to ever come from the other side of the pond. Riffing off of Seinfeld, two best frenemies attempt to navigate the world through their 20’s and 30’s. The interesting point-of-view of this series comes from the camera angle showing the perspective of one of the characters at all times, also while hearing their (often opposing) thoughts while speaking. Thinking one thing, but usually saying another thing….

Did you know that KERA was the first American TV station to show Monty Python’s Flying Circus? That’s something to be proud of here in the DFW area! John Cleese also starred as Basil Fawlty in the amazing Fawlty Towers – the adventures of a curmudgeonly hotel owner who provides often less-than-stellar customer service to his guests.

Hijinks ensue with Good Neighbors; this 1975 Britcom pits snooty neighbor Margo against her laid-back and friendly neighbor Barbara. Felicity Kendall and Penelope Keith are stalwarts of British comedy, so you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Enjoy the comedy of our British friends, and share your favorites in the comments!

Kerry Montz – North Branch


10 thoughts on “Britcoms at DPL (REDUX)

  1. You forgot Coupling and As Time Goes By. Two of my very favorites, but you mentioned some great shows. Great post, we need more Brit Coms! 😊

  2. You didn’t mention two of my all time favorites, Coupling and AsTime Goes By. But a great post to bring attention to some very funny Brit Coms. 😊

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