Denton Public Library is a PokeStop!

YES (insert fist-pump here)!  Each Denton Public Library is a PokeStop!

I actually work at a PokeStop.  I was very happy to discover this fact upon arriving to work at the North Branch Library last week.   I’ve even caught several Pokémon (not Pokémons, as my son pointed out to me earlier today:  “that’s just like saying deers, Mom”) in our break room, which I think is pretty cool, too.

It’s been fun so far, playing with my family and friends.  Lots of adventures are anticipated, such as getting to Level 5 so I can battle at a gym.  Sounds strange at first, but you, too, can assimilate!  😉

Team picking is next.   I plan on picking Team Instinct (yellow).  There is also Team Mystic (blue), and Team Valor (red).  I have found out a few things this week, such as how to aim, how to power up and evolve captured Pokémon, and how to incubate eggs.  None of mine have hatched yet, though.

I think it’s very possible that I spied folks planning a gym battle yesterday evening, not far from downtown.  There was a group of about five people, each dressed in yellow t-shirts of varying types, standing in a circle, while talking with one another and looking at their phones.  The difference between this scene and others involving people and their phones was – you guessed it – these people were outside, walking around and – gasp! – talking to each other instead of only texting.  It is one of the good things coming from the playing of this game.

In case you haven’t yet joined the throngs of people playing Pokémon GO, just think about this question:  Where will you find your first Pocket Monster?  Mine was on my knee.

All three branches of the Denton Public Library are PokeStops, so visit all the branches to find Poke Balls, eggs, and more to advance through the game.  Further your Pokémon experience by checking out a Pokémon book, graphic novel, or DVD.  South Branch also hosts a Pokémon Club for ages 8-15.

How to Draw Pokemon (002)  Pokemon Movie Genesect  Pokemon Adventures Diamond and Pearl  Pokemon Origami  Pokemon Handbook Pokemon Visual Companion

Kathy Folger, North Branch Library


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