Time for Summer Camp (or Your Kid-free Vacation Week)

It’s that time of year, time to send the kids off to summer camp.  After a frantic week of buying last minute items (does he really need a new sleeping bag and, wait, are those his toes sticking out of his shoes?), I drive my son to the loading zone.  I get one last hug and then he climbs on the bus with his buddies and does not look up again.  As the bus pulls away, I feel both a little sadness because I will miss him and a little bit of relief.   If I overhear someone say “Freedom” under their breaths, I will pretend I didn’t, or that I’m not the one saying it.

Camping BLOG Post-Stacey

Sending your kids off to summer camp?  Or maybe off to visit their grandparents for a week or two?  If so, now you can enjoy a week of kid-free time, or your own staycation.  You might want to pick up a book you haven’t had a chance to read.  Or binge watch a television show with a little adult content.    Either way, embrace this time and enjoy it.  It will be over before you know it and your little one will be back sunburnt and full of stories about his(or her) time away.

Some guilty pleasures you might explore include:


Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon



TV Series

Jane the Virgin

Mr. Robot

Game of Thrones

Orphan Black

Big Bang Theory


Enjoy your kid-free staycation!  (Even if you have to work.)  And don’t forget to check out something from the library to keep you entertained.  Because once the kids are back, you will get busy again.  And, it will be back-to-school time before you know it.

Stacey Irish-Keffer, Youth Services Librarian


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