Need a Good Book?

Summer Reading Club has started off with a bang at the Denton Public Library.  Everyone is ready to enjoy the summer with some great books.

One question that keeps coming up every summer is “Can you recommend a good book?”  I wanted to share some tips on finding great reading materials for all ages that I frequently use when helping at the reference desk or looking for my next book.

First, start with something you like.  Think about some books you have liked in the past.  What are some common themes with those books?  Why did you like them so much?

Next, think about specific aspects of those books you are drawn to.  Were they serious or funny?  Did they fit into a particular genre: romance, science fiction, historical, mystery, etc?  Do you prefer non-fiction and biographies?  Do you relate better to certain types of characters?  Do you like long epics or short stories?

Once you have identified a few key things that you are looking for in a book, try one of these great tools to help you find the perfect book:

Novelist Select is available online for all Denton Public Library cardholders as well as on all library computers and catalogs in each of the three branches for anyone who visits the library.  This is my go-to book recommendation tool.  You can search by title, author, subject, or keyword.  Pre-made lists are available for all ages on popular and timely topics.  It also offers robust advanced search capabilities such as books by grade level, author’s nationality, number of pages, award winner, and more. is a popular book recommendation site with members submitting book reviews, creating suggested reading lists, and sharing their love of reading with the social media aspect of the site.  Recommendations are available for youth and adult materials of all types and topics.

Amazon’s Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought feature lets you see titles that others have also selected when purchasing a particular title.  It is easy to jump from title to title and get caught in an endless string of recommendations.  Simply search for a book you liked and scroll down to see other titles that shoppers have also selected to go with that title.

Your Next Read shares recommendations based on recommendations, recommendations and Your Next Read user recommendations.  Recommendations are presented in a bubble map, allowing you to visually move from recommendation to recommendation.  There is a separate tab for searching children’s materials.  Preselected lists are also available for easy browsability.

Of course one of the best resources to help you find a great book is the library staff.  Head over to the reference desk at any of our branches.  We are ready to help you connect with your next favorite book.  We’ll ask you some questions about your reading interests and come up with some great recommendations.

Enjoy your summer and keep reading!

Jennifer Bekker, North Branch Manager


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