Summer Expressions


Summer is coming!  sun-147426_960_720.png Which means spending more time outdoors (Or indoors, depending on how much you like the heat.  Or don’t.)  Either way, summer definitely holds its own unique beauty.  As people, we do many things to immortalize and remember life’s moments.  We take pictures, buy souvenirs, keep mementos from important events…  camera-158262_960_720.png

And technology has helped us do this.  Through a variety of programs we can save, share, edit and print some of our best moments.  But it can also be fun to more actively engage in what we want to remember by creating memories using personal observations through journaling.  And this can be fun for both children and adults!


Journaling is a form of creative expression that can include not only words, but art too.  While I take a ton of photos, I also enjoy journaling as a way to remember experiences. An empty page holds so much potential!   And you can add your photos to your journal.


When I travel for example (even if it’s not far),  car  I take a journal and record things I do and pop in little pieces of my trip, like receipts, ticket stubs or brochures.  I also decorate my pages with some doodly art or outline the pictures I paste in my journal with different colored markers. 

I love to go back through the journals and read what I was feeling during a particular trip and about the things I did (and may not have remembered had I not written it down!)  And it’s fun to see the bits and pieces I collected and pasted in.      


Your journal can be a plain old spiral notebook or a decorative blank book.  Whatever works for you.  Go take a break and sit outside.  Write about things you do and feel.  Write what you see or sketch something that catches your eye this summer.  


And get creative!  Use some crayons, markers or paint to add some color.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, just fun!    You will enjoy looking back at your summer through your own words!old_journal_entry__by_wolfie93

And if you are feeling adventurous and want to take your journal to the next level, here are some amazing resources found at the Denton Public Library! 


Book Pic 1  Book pic 2  scrapbook

book pic 3   book pic 4  scrapbook 2

scrapbook 3

(I could look at the beautiful journals in these books all day!!)

Online Resources

Travel Photography: Geologging and Journaling on the Road.  Ben Long, Speaker.  

Keep track of your travel memories and your travel photos with this guide to geotagging and journaling apps, tools, and techniques for the traveling photographer. (Click on the image below to access.)


This is a video on, one of the library’s databases accessible with your library card!

And find more fun in our  Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center, also accessible with your library card!  (Again, I could spend all day here.  I like to think I develop greater artistic talent just by using this.)

logoHCRC Research Topics – Hobbies – Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center

Dawn – Emily Fowler Central Library


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