Novels with Humor

Do you like to read humorous stories or novels?  I do.  Janet Evanovich is one of my favorite authors for humor.  Seven-Up, of the Stephanie Plum series, is still my favorite book. I still laugh hard when reading the book.  I love to see how Stephanie is going to get out of the scrapes she gets into and how her cars always seem to blow up.

Another author I read is Susan Elizabeth Phillips.  I like to think of her writing as a cross between Nora Roberts and Janet Evanovich.  Sexy and funny.  The girl walking down the side of the road in a beaver suit in Natural Born Charmer had me in stitches.

You cannot leave out Dave Berry for humor. All his books leave you laughing. His novel, Tricky Business should not be read in a doctor’s office.  You will get funny looks as you try your hardest not to laugh out loud.  I speak from experience.  These are a few of my favorite humor authors.  Who are your favorite humor authors?

Carmen, Denton Public Library North Branch

Janet Evanovich          Susan Elizabeth Phillips          Dave Barry


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