Free Comic Book Day 2016

Do you like free stuff? Do you like comics? Well, Free Comic Book Day is for you! Free Comic Book Day is happening tomorrow, May 7th, and if you’re like me, you’ve already been planning which comics you’re going to grab.

But, if you don’t know what to look out for tomorrow, I have a few recommendations. These are some of the comics that I am planning on snagging tomorrow, but there are many others available, so make sure to go check it out yourself!

BOOM! Studios 2016 Summer Blast

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Creative team: Various

Although this is more of a sampler than an issue, it does include sneak peeks of new releases of two series that I love: Lumberjanes and Adventure Time. It also includes a preview of a highly anticipated new comic being released this summer: The Cloud by Archaia. I recommend keeping your eye out for this one.

Camp Midnight #1

Publisher: Image
Creative team: Steven T. Seagle and Jason Adam Katzenstein

Image comics never fails for me. Image publishes some of my favorite comics including Saga and The Walking Dead. Camp Midnight is a fun all ages run by Image featuring a young female protagonist in a horror camp situation. If you want to add some extra ~spo0o0ok~ to your Free Comic Book Day, pick this one up.  

Civil War II #1

Publisher: Marvel Comics
Creative team: Brian Michael Bendis, Jim Cheung, Mark Waid & Alan Davis

This one serves doubly since the movie is coming out this weekend, too! This is a can’t miss. The Marvel Comics Civil War event was one of my favorites and Civil War II will not disappoint. This issue also features a sneak peak at an all-new character, All-New Wasp, in All-New, All-Different Avengers! The first volume is released in 4 days and I just put in a purchase request for the library so keep your eyes out.

Suicide Squad #1

Publisher: DC
Creative team: Adam Glass & Federico Dallocchio

This is another one to read before the movie comes out, although this is just a reprint of an earlier comic. Actually, you can just check out this full run at the library. Since you’re only allowed to grab so few comics on Free Comic Book Day, I’d suggest saving one of your selections for something a little more exclusive.

FCBD 2016 Viz Perfect Square Pokemon Pocket Comics

Publisher: VIZ Media LLC
Creative team: Santa Harukaze

I have no reason why you should get this one. I just love Pokemon and I’m going to get it. Pokemon is love. Pokemon is life.

DC Super Hero Girls #1

Publisher: DC
Creative team: Various

I am super excited about this one! An all-ages comic by DC (and their only good offering this year, in my opinion), this issue is a preview for the release later this summer. Since the DC Super Hero Girls are so new, we only have one offering at the library: Wonder Woman at Super Hero High. But, if you have a hankering for some other great female superheroes, check out one of my current faves, Ms. Marvel.  

Love and Rockets Sampler

Publisher: Fantagraphics
Creative team: Gilbert Hernandez & Jaime Hernandez

I’ve just recently fallen in love with Los Bros Hernandez and am pretty excited to get into more of some of their stuff. Why not start here? This issue will be a reprint of some of the classic comics to prepare readers for a new reboot this July! What better time to start reading this classic? You can also check this series out from the library.

March Trilogy Sampler

Publisher: IDW – Top Shelf
Creative team: John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, & Nate Powell

If you haven’t read John Lewis’ March I highly recommend it. John Lewis, a sitting member of congress and Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, chronicles his experiences during the civil rights movement in this biographical graphic novel. This issue collects excerpts from book one and book two, which have already been released, but also book three, which is coming out this summer.

Attack on Titan Anthology Preview

Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Creative team: Various

In case you haven’t noticed, Attack on Titan is kind of a big deal. In the new anthology being released October of this year, some big names will be creating original stories set in the Attack on Titan world. This preview comic will be a first look at some of these stories by authors such as Scott Snyder and Gail Simone.

These are just a few of the comics being given away at Free Comic Book Day 2016. They have comics for everyone – most of which I haven’t mentioned. Make sure to hit up all the local comic shops to get as many free comics as you can!

Sara Davis
Emily Fowler Central Library


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