Turn on. Log in. Make zombies.

BigLyndaMany Denton Public Library cardholders have been taking advantage of the lynda.com access their library card provides. For those unfamiliar with lynda.com, it is a comprehensive collection of online training videos and a great resource for those who want to develop technology and business skills such as computer programming, IT management, graphic design, public speaking, marketing and, of course, using Photoshop to transform friends and family into zombies.

In the recently added lynda.com course, Photoshop: Turn Yourself Into a Zombie, Rayce Bird, Season 2 winner of Face Off,  walks viewers through the process of turning ordinary photos into hideously frightening zombies using Adobe Photoshop.

BP Zombie

This is just one of many lynda.com courses for those more interested in geeky creative pursuits than impressing  employers with their knowledge of Microsoft Access. Here are a few more.

Monster Drawing Workshop

BP Monster Drawing Workshop

Getting Started with Stop Motion Animation

BP Stop Motion

Time-Lapse Photography Workshop

BP Time Lapse Photography

Creative Inspirations: Doyald Young, Logotype Designer

BP Logotype

You can check out these courses (and many more) by visiting the library’s lynda.com portal. A valid Denton Public Library card and PIN is required to access.

Stacy – South Branch Library


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