To-Do List: Laundry, Pay the Bills, Color … Wait, What!?


When I worked as a preschool teacher, I would sometimes find myself envying the children in my class the simple pleasure of coloring, as I sat by and worked on the following day’s lesson plan.  Now that I have kids of my own, I often find myself genuinely enjoying a good bout of coloring.

Cat in Progress

There is such freedom in coloring; you get to control the look and feel of an image by assigning color to an area where a moment ago there was none.  And you get to break the rules; leaves don’t have to be green and the sky does not have to be blue!  Also, you get to create a unique image without needing a lot of artistic talent.  It feels quite good.

Recently, coloring for adults has seen a rise in popularity.  Libraries across the US are hosting Adult Coloring Clubs and publishers have put out an impressive variety of adult coloring books with themes that range from books to movies to nature.

The act of coloring is also a wonderful way to release stress and empty the mind.  With all of the responsibilities of being an adult, finding a creative way to filter stress or anxiety can not only be relaxing, but also a lot of fun!

If you haven’t yet let loose and colored as an adult, you don’t have to wait for the excuse of having children around!  If you are visiting the Emily Fowler Library, be sure to stop by one of the back tables, where coloring pages and supplies will be set up for your enjoyment!

Coloring Table 2

Dawn Terrizzi, Emily Fowler


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