Before they were stars in a galaxy far, far away

As you might have heard, a new movie in a popular film series recently came out.  I’m not here to talk about that film. I’ve seen it and it’s entertaining. Rather, I’d like to point out some of the actors in that film and the incredible work they did long before they entered a galaxy far, far away. All the works mentioned below are available through the library’s collection.

John Boyega is a veteran of fighting off space threats as he demonstrated in “Attack the Block.”


In this film, Boyega plays Moses, the leader of a gang of, well let’s just call them young miscreants.  The gang’s neighborhood comes under attack one evening from alien invaders falling from space.  In true defend your home against any threat fashion, the group decides to fight off the aliens on their own using a variety of homemade weapons.


The film is quickly becoming a cult classic as it’s a wonderful mix of horror, science fiction, action, and comedy.  Boyega is memorable as Moses, showing a range of emotions silently on his face that most actors need pages and pages of dialogue to convey.


For the past several years, Gwendoline Christie has played the towering Brienne of Tarth on the HBO series,  Game of Thrones.

BrienneoftarthThe first four seasons are available for check out and the fifth season will be coming in March. I’ve had people that don’t like fantasy or medieval settings remark how much they love this show.  Season 3 stands out as Christie and co-star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau show great acting  in scenes together that should have garnered each award attention.


Finally, Domhnall Gleeson and Oscar Isaac were previously in a film together.  The two starred in “Ex Machina” a science fiction thriller.  Gleeson plays a programmer for a search engine company who ends up being chosen to give the Turing Test to an artificial intelligence humanoid robot.  Isaac plays the inventor of the machine named Ava.  Both actors are great but the real standout is the actress playing Ava. Alicia Vikander is her name and her acting in this film has already garnered her a Golden Globe nomination.

Ex-Machina-Cast-WallpapersFor those who love science fiction films that make you think, this is the movie for you.  It takes a look at where technology may soon take humanity and the questions that might come with such advancements.  And isn’t that what the best science fiction should do?

Jess Edward Turner

South Branch Library


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