Reliving My Childhood at the Library

I’m a librarian and a parent, so naturally, I love reading to my child. I love being one of the first to check out a newly published and share it with my daughter, but what I enjoy even more is sharing my childhood favorites and watching her fall in love with them as well. While many of these books have long gone out of print, a number of them are still in print and readily available to check out at the Denton Public Library. Here are just a few of my childhood favorites from the Denton Public Library that I have shared (or plan on sharing) with my kid:


Anything vintage Richard Scarry is worth a look.



Jacket.aspxI’ve always found the illustrations of the nuns strangely haunting.



Jacket.aspxThis is one of my favorite Dr. Seuss books (although it’s a tough decision to make).

Did you know that some people don’t like Dr. Seuss?  I’m just now finding this out in my old age.  It’s very difficult for me to accept.



Jacket.aspxI changed my mind.  This is my favorite Dr. Seuss book.



Jacket.aspxI remember reading and listening to this book at the listening station in elementary school (giant headphones and all!).  For some reason, my classmates and I thought that Owl’s crying over “mashed potatoes left on a plate” was hilarious.  Now that I’m older, wiser, and fatter, it’s clear that wasted mashed potatoes should be solemnly mourned.



Jacket.aspxEncyclopedia Brown was my first childhood crush (even though he is wearing mom jeans on this cover).  And Bugs Meany is the best bully name in the history of literature.




Jacket.aspxI think I read this book about 162 times.




Jacket.aspxNot as famous as Charlotte’s Web or Stuart Little, but just as deserving of your time.



Jacket.aspxIf you like dogs and you like to cry, then this is book for you!


What are some of your favorite childhood books that are still readily available?  Feel free to come and browse our children’s area for nostalgia purposes, even if you don’t have kids!


-Dana Tucker, Teen Services Librarian at the North Branch



One thought on “Reliving My Childhood at the Library

  1. My mom always read Richard Scarry to my sister and I as a child because she loved them so much and, in turn, made us love them too! I now have some at home for my girls. And I have many happy memories checking out Encyclopedia Brown books from the school library and enjoying the mysteries inside!

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