Learning Never Stops

You might think that just because you are out of school, you don’t need to learn anything. Wrong! You learn new things every day, and the library is a natural place to learn and try new things—a classroom for the community.

The library is full of books and classes and videos to learn to things. Want to finally fix up that old Ford Mustang that has been sitting in your garage? Check out our online Chilton catalogs, which provides step by step instructions.

PlayWant to learn how to teach your child? Visit one of our many classes, or just stop by the children’s area and play. Did you know that play is one of the key aspects in a child’s learning and development? That’s right. A child’s job is to play. Play is how children learn new things and how they make sense of the world. Have you ever listened on your child’s conversation while they are playing? They are internalizing a conversation they have experienced, and are making it real by acting it out with their toys.


Want to enroll your children in some STEAM classes…but aren’t really sure where to start? Check out the many Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math classes the library has to offer for all ages. The Forge, at the North Branch Library, is full of fun technology, including a 3-D printers, Raspberry Pis, and Arduinos. The South Branch Library recently started a STEAM Ahead program, which will focus on different aspects of STEAM. This month we had a Lego Challenge: create something that floats, build a tall structure, and assemble a word out of Lego blocks.

Want to learn more about your family history? The Emily Fowler Library has an entire department devoted to genealogy and family history.

The Denton Public Library has a never-ending list of learning opportunities, so do as our blog says and “Check it out!”

Youth Librarian, South Branch Library


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