Iconic Cover Art

When picking up a copy of Harper Lee’s recently released Go Set a Watchman, the first thing a lot of readers notice is how its cover is designed to evoke the cover of the original edition of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Go Set a Watchman to kill a mockingbird

The  original cover artwork for To Kill a Mockingbird is so familiar that, if it were displayed without any text at all, it would immediately bring to mind the novel. For that matter, if you encountered a Swedish translation with this artwork, you would know right away what it was.

to kill a mockingbird swedish_edited-1

Of course, there are  editions of To Kill a Mockingbird with different cover art. The original image is the one that resonates with me, though. (By the way, according to Google Translate, the title used on the Swedish-language version pictured above translates as Deadly Sin.)

Here are some other examples of iconic cover art that, for me at least, spring to mind when certain book titles are mentioned:

Catch 22 Grapes of Wrath
catcher in the rye hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
hobbit hunt for red october
Jurassic Park Charlottes Web



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