Bucket Lists and Genealogy Cruising

shipGenealogy cruising has become very popular among those of us who are committed to researching our family history and who also enjoy travelling. Genealogy cruises are fun, and give you a built-in crowd to hang around with during the time at sea. I just returned from my second genealogy cruise, this one to Alaska.  During the seven days on the ship, 22 classes were offered, presented by world-class genealogy professionals. The cruise conference was sponsored by the Federation of Genealogical Societies. The classes ranged in skill level from beginner to advanced, including hands-on workshops on court records and reconstructing neighborhoods in rural and urban Ireland.

During any given year, one can find a myriad of genealogy cruise offerings to just about any location. Perhaps for next year’s vacation, take a look around the internet for “genealogy cruises” to locate one that interests you. All you need to do is dust of your “bucket list” of places you want to go. Don’t forget to read up on these exotic locations by checking out travel guides from the library. Take some free genealogy classes at the library before the cruise so you’ll know what to expect. You’ll learn new things about family history research, meet interesting people, and see amazing sights!

Special Collections Librarian


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