Hilltop Happenings: Newsletters from Flow Hospital

The Denton Public Library recently acquired 11 issues of the “Hilltop Happenings” a newsletter that was published for the employees of Flow Memorial Hospital. The newsletters have been digitized and are available on UNT’s Portal to Texas History.

September1969NOV 1963

The articles in the “Hilltop Happenings” offer an inside look at the hospital’s day-to-day operations and provide a glimpse of the employee’s personal lives. Changes or new hospital services, staff introductions, volunteer activities, and community events are all featured in the newsletters. Flow Memorial Hospital opened in 1950 and it served as a joint non-profit city-county hospital until it closed in 1988.

During the 38 years the hospital was open, as you can imagine, it played an important role for  the Babycommunity.  Many Dentonites were born there, worked there, or have memories of major life events that happened in the hospital.  For my family, at one time four of my family members worked at Flow hospital. Take a look at the newsletters, you just may see a familiar face or two. (That little bundle of joy in the picture to the right is me.)

Laura Douglas
Emily Fowler Central Library


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