Binge This, Not That!

As you progress from being a child to adulthood, you’re given a plethora of information on what you should or should not do. For example, you shouldn’t binge eat. Additionally, the danger of binge drinking is made loud and clear. However, one type of binging is acceptable if not encouraged. Binge- Watching or Binge-Viewing. Indeed, family, friends, critics, columnists, etc. all urge a person to binge-watch television shows they think are worthy. So, far be it from me to not succumb to such pressure and given summer is when folks are supposed to have more free time….

If you are going to binge-watch any show this season, choose True Detective Season One. In the summer, so many movies and television shows are bombastic. This show is for those who enjoy a slow burn. The HBO series spans 17 years and is told through the eyes of two Louisiana State Police Detectives. The Detectives are played by Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. McConaughey in particular gives an award worthy performance that was overlooked. Shame on you Emmy voters!

Be forewarned, the crimes the two deal with are extremely dark and for mature audiences. However, for adults who don’t mind such themes, the episodes will be a refreshing change of pace compared to most television.

So binge that my library users! True Detective Season 1

Jess Edward Turner

South Branch Library


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