Every Hero Has a Story

Every year, local libraries create a Summer Reading program for children—and sometimes even for adults! While reading for prizes is fun, is there another purpose?

Many times children will enter the new school year at a lower reading level. Children are not given the opportunity or incentive to read during the summer. Therefore, libraries have created reading programs to encourage children to read during the summer and to prevent this “Summer Slide.”

The first Summer Reading program began in the 1890’s and started as a list of “best reads” for children, and parents were encouraged to bring their children to the library for intellectual stimulation. The idea of reading throughout the summer spread to other libraries, and soon children were recording what they read to share with their friends.

Variations of summer reading programs can now be found at almost every local library, school, and even restaurants and businesses encourage children to read during the summer. Come out to any of our three library locations and sign up your whole family for some Summer Reading fun!




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