Denton in Fiction

Libra Many Denton residents have fond memories of visiting Evers Hardware Store when it was still on the Square. Surprisingly, this venerable old business, which was a fixture on Denton’s Courthouse Square for over 100 years before closing in 2000, makes a brief appearance in Libra, Don DeLilo’s novel about Lee Harvey Oswald and the Kennedy assassination.


In the novel, CIA agent/TWU instructor Win Everett meets another CIA agent on the Square to hatch a plan for an “attempted assassination” of President Kennedy. They get coffee at Schrader’s Pharmacy before strolling over to the hardware store (and, ultimately, driving across the Old Alton Bridge to an undisclosed location where they hammer out the details of their plot.) DeLilo describes Evers Hardware (which is not identified by name in the book) as “a place of lost and reproachful beauty, with displays of frontier tools and ancient weighing machines, where Win often came to walk the two aisles like a tourist in waist-high ruins, expanded and sad. He had to remind himself it was only hardware.” I would add that, for all its reproachful beauty, Evers Hardware was still a good place to buy a hammer.

An interior view of Evers Hardware from 1986. Photo by Alec Williams.

An interior view of Evers Hardware from 1986. Photo by Alec Williams.




One thought on “Denton in Fiction

  1. Ooh Stacy, PLEASE make this a regular feature. I know there are other books where Denton is name checked or fictionalized – Libba Bray’s “Going Bovine” comes to mind.

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