Pi Day of the Century 3.14.15



We have an amazing line up of events for all ages on PI DAY OF THE CENTURY at North Branch! All activities are free with no registration required. Please join us.

(And yes…there will be pie.)

If you have any questions about these programs or events please contact May Beth Everett at 940-349-8751 or at may.everett@cityofdenton.com .

Meeting Room Activities

For All Ages

10am – Pi Recitation Contest

Two groups will compete: 12 & under and 13 & up.

12pm – Pi Video Contest Winner’s Screening & Trophies

1 pm – May Beth Everett goes for 1,000 digits

2 pm – Dr. Joseph Iaia, UNT  discusses “History of Pi”

The discovery of pi in ancient times and how pi is used today

3 pm – Dr. Winifred Mallam, TWU discusses Mathematical Careers

The history of mathematics and how math is relevant to everyday life and career aspirations

4 pm – Pi(e)Walk Giveaway – Win a large pie in our Pi(e) Walk game.

Enjoy free mini pies (limited supply – first come, first served)

Children Program Room Activities

Math Games and Crafts for Elementary age kids (5-11yrs old)

10am – Building Platonic Solids –  Dr. John Quintanilla

11am – Hexaflexagons – May Beth Everett

2pm – 3D Printing, Lasers & Aerospace Manufacturing  – John Sempeles, Engineer

3pm – Build a newspaper Geodesic Dome – Dr. John Quintanilla

Teen Room

Math Games and Crafts for Teens and Adults (12 and Up)

10 am – Hexaflexagons – Nona Lillicotch

11 am – Trick Math Equations – Dr. John Quintanilla

2pm – Encryption and Decryption – Dr. John Quintanilla

3pm – 3D Printing, Lasers & Aerospace Manufacturing – John Sempeles, Engineer



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