Mango Cherokee


Here is another addition to your list of cool things available through the Denton Public Library. Mango Languages, the library’s online language resource, now provides a Cherokee language course. Mango developed the course in partnership with the Cherokee Nation and the Tulsa City-County Library.

From Mango’s blog:

The importance of this course is underlined by the shudder-inducing reality that Cherokee is considered an endangered language with about 16,000 native speakers worldwide. Compare that against the whopping 317,000 Cherokee citizens that make up the United States’ largest tribal nation and the urgency of this issue becomes immediately clear.

The Cherokee Nation is hard at work in their commitment to preserve and promote Cherokee culture and language. Anna Sixkiller, who worked on the course development team and provided voice talent, shared her point of view, “At this point, we do not have that many fluent speakers left, so we are using different types of technology so people will be able to learn the Cherokee language.” Their hard work is paying off ― the tribe’s use of new technologies has allowed these efforts to grow in impact, reach, and innovation, and the Cherokee Nation is seeing a resurgence of interest and engagement with Cherokee identity, culture, and language in younger generations.

To get started with this course (or any of the other 63 language courses available), please visit the library’s Mango portal. (You will be prompted for your library card number.)




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