The IMDB of South Branch Library

Some of my coworkers call me the IMDB of my library branch. Such a tagline is probably due to my knowledge of films past and present especially when it comes to award winners.  This year’s Academy Award Nominations have already been announced.  While many of the eight films nominated for Best Picture are still in theaters, the Denton Public Library does have a few available or soon to be available. In fact, the Best Picture front runner, Boyhood is one of the films you can place on hold now along with The Grand Budapest Hotel and the soon to be available, The Imitation Game as well.

boyhood     grand-budapest-hotel     the-imitation-game-poster

However, don’t stop simply at films. Many of the movies up for major awards have source material that is part of the library’s collection. American Sniper, Foxcatcher, Wild, and Gone Girl all have books and/or audibooks available. So take a moment and see if any of those available titles strike an interest in you.

Jess Turner

South Branch Library




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