I Hear the Train a Coming

It seems that from pretty much anywhere in Denton you can hear the trains as they roll through town.  The railroads crisscross our city along the east, south, and west, with a quick little jaunt downtown.

denton rail yard 1903

C.A. Bridges writes in the History of Denton, Texas from Its Beginning to 1960 “The coming of railroads may be called the most important single event in the first fifty years of Denton’s history.” The track that runs parallel to Mingo Road and through downtown reached Denton in 1881 as the Texas and Pacific (T&P) railroad came south from Sherman to Fort Worth.  What we now know as our A-train route was also completed in 1881 as the Missouri-Kansas-Texas (MKT) railroad reached Denton from Dallas. The railroad track that runs along the western part of Denton and crosses Hwy 380 near Interstate 35 opened in 1955 as a cut off from the Santa Fe passenger line at Krum.  The Denton Depot for the Santa Fe Dallas-Denton-Chicago service was located near where the Ben E. Keith distribution center is now. The last passenger train to stop at that station was in 1968.

It is a running joke at my house that you cannot get anywhere in Denton without crossing a railroad track. And for me it usually means that there is always a train on the track when I am running late to get somewhere.  I don’t really mind the though, I like to watch them roll through.

For some reason, now I have a strange hankering to listen Johnny Cash.

-Laura Douglas
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