My Library Cards

Library Card

Library cards. I’ve had a million, or so it seems. We moved often when I was growing up, and the first thing we’d do (well, almost the first thing we’d do after unpacking our boxes) was head to the local library. Thomas Jefferson said something like this:  The academy is a just a bunch of buildings surrounding a library.  I believe this is true. Maybe civilization itself is just that: buildings surrounding a library?

Long before the internet, or Wi-Fi, or twenty-four hour news channels, there was the library. I would check out the limit on my card. Book, books, books, and records. Imagine that: records at the library. Mostly, it was books about aviation and World War Two (my grandfather was a pilot), but sometimes I’d branch out. Anything that caught my eye was fodder for my reading habit. Luckily, my mother never checked my selections; there was some awfully weird stuff in my piles of books. I suppose this has served me well over the years. Perhaps it has just made me strange. It has definitely enriched my life.

To quote the Bard, Bob Dylan; “Support your local library!”

Bill Pic


~Bill Smith is a Library Assistant II at the South Branch


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