New Addition to Your Family Tree

Family Tree



Adding a new baby to your family tree is truly a blessed event. The family will be gathered around taking pictures and videos. Don’t forget to document the event with first impressions of the new parents and grandparents, including family stories for the child to read or listen to as they grow. As with all beginning genealogy start with the child’s name and work backwards through the generations. Include the birth dates for the child, parents, and grandparents. The new baby will thank you later in life for taking the time to give him/her a sense of family. There are many tutorials on getting started online, as well a books that describe the basics. Here are some helpful websites:

Family Search Wiki on beginning genealogy:

National Archives, beginning genealogy research:

Genealogy Bank, general help on where and how to preserve and store your research:

You can also stop by the Special Collections department at Emily Fowler Central Library to get some one-on-one help.

Kathy Strauss is the Head of Special Collections at the Emily Fowler Central Library.


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