How a blog led me to one of the funniest books I’ve ever read

I’m not one who reads blogs. In fact, when someone tells me they have a blog, I usually reply with a standard, “that’s nice” which of course means “why are you telling me this?” But, a year or so ago, my dear wife introduced me to a blog that has now become a daily stopping point. The Bloggess is written by Jenny Lawson. In each entry, she details humorous events in her life. Some of them are very adult in nature, but they are always funny, often painfully relevant, but funny. She has also written a book which I’m proud to say my library has both in Print and Audio book.


Why should you read or listen to this book? Because you’ll get to learn about bread bags for shoes, friends that will help you deal with vultures, and a metal chicken named Beyonce. Truth be told, if that last one alone doesn’t get your attention, I feel bad for you.

Jenny is at work on her second book. This one will detail her own personal struggle with mental illness. If it’s anything like her entry after Robin Williams’ passing, I know it will be well worth reading.


Jess Edward Turner

South Branch Library


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