Families and Favorite Foods

Our memories of favorite foods are often created at family gatherings like Sunday dinners, family reunions, cookouts, and over holidays. This is where family members bring out their best dishes to share and pass on family lore. One of my favorite family food memories was over Sunday dinners where my mother would serve her wonderful Potatoes Au Gratin. She called it “Masterpiece.” I asked her one time how this dish got its name. She told me that it was the first dish she learned to make as a child. When she proudly served it, her daddy proclaimed it “Masterpiece,” and it has been known as that ever since.

You can preserve your special memories by remembering the favorite foods of your childhood and passing the stories along to your family. Write down these stories or record them while talking to family members at gatherings. Use your smart phone or a digital recorder and make copies to share. You will be surprised at how many other family stories these will generate.


download (1)

Photo of Virginia Nobles.  Courtesy of the Portal to Texas History.

Kathy Strauss, Assistant Branch Manager of the Emily Fowler Central Library


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