Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who?

I can’t decide if I like Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor.  Granted, he was on screen for 5 seconds during the last episode, but that doesn’t decrease my scepticism.  I know my judgement is unfair, so I’ve decided to take the high road and look into some of the things he has done in the past.  There are many options when trying to decide if you like an actor and mine is usually to go the library catalog and look to see if I have seen anything they have been in.  The only thing that came up that I knew was the last Doctor Who episode.  There were other things, but I haven’t seen them.  I know he has been in more than that, so I went to his Internet Movie Database (IMDB) page located here.  There are many things he has been in that I have seen and that we have at the library, he just had such a minor role it didn’t show up in the library record.

The first one I came across is The Fifth Estate.  It also has Benedict Cumberbatch who plays Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock.  The reviews I have seen on this movie were mixed.  It should be noted that the acting was never in question, but it was the content that was controversial.  The movie is about the infamous WikiLeaks and the very interesting Julian Assange.  It is based on a true story, but I don’t know enough about WikiLeaks to have an opinion on if it was really more on the true side or more on the made up side of storytelling.

jacketThe next movie is World War Z with Brad Pitt.  Peter Capaldi played a W.H.O doctor.  I vaguely remember him in this role.  The story is about a man who, for some reason is important enough to be rescued during the zombie apocalypse and his family is taken to a secure location while he goes to figure out why the zombies are there and how to stop them.  I hated this movie and I try to forget it ever existed.  The book was AMAZING.  The book is World War Z: The Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks.  Every chapter is a different perspective of a survivor of the war.  There are refugees, fighter pilots, regular people, generals, and anyone else you can think of.  It is storytelling at it’s best.  As a matter of fact, I’m not even going to post a picture of the movie, just the book.

Torchwjacketood: Children of Earth is another show he was in.  This is a spinoff of Doctor Who.  Captain Jack, who is just adorable and knows it, leads his supernatural fighting team through 5 days of terror when the children of Earth all stop and start saying the same thing all at once.  It’s very creepy.  If you like Doctor Who and haven’t seen Torchwood, you are missing out.  It’s much darker and edgier than Doctor Who.  Okay, it’s not for everyone.  I really like it.

The one thing I noticed is these are all serious parts.  Where is the comedy?  The Doctor has always had humor.  Can he do comedy?  Looking at the list of his acting credentials I see a few comedy things, but none that I have actually seen.  One of them is Peep Show, which, of course, we have.  The next is Skins.  It’s more of a teen dramaty.  Not funny ha ha, more funny awkward.  I’m not sure if I will watch it, but the library has it, so I will most likely try it before the new season of Doctor Who starts.jacket

I guess I should give Peter Capaldi a chance.  After all, I didn’t think I would like David Tennant and I did.  I didn’t think I would like Matt Smith and I did.  I didn’t think I could ever like someone as much as I liked Rose.  Okay, I never found anyone that I liked as a companion as much as I liked Rose, but that’s a post for another time.


WyLaina Polk is the manager of the Emily Fowler Central Library and might have a bias for one Doctor over another.


2 thoughts on “Peter Capaldi as Doctor Who?

  1. Comedy? I think you lived under the rock. He has BAFTA and British COMEDY awards for COMEDY – The Thick of It. He was brilliant in it and the best thing about it is that it was a perfect mix of comedy AND drama in the end. Exactly like DW. Please, try to make your research before you make a judgment.

  2. I have not seen that and we have it in the library. I also have not followed BAFTA and perhaps I should. I only meant these are the things I have seen and my judgment is based on that. Thank you for your viewing suggestion! I’m sure I will enjoy it.

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