Books for Babies

The American Academy of Pediatrics just came out with a study that says you should read to infants at least once a day.  As a librarian, I knew that.  They teach us that when we get our degree in Library Science.  Yes, all librarians have a degree in Library Science.  It’s a real thing, I promise.  The study states reading to infants increases vocabulary, nurturing relationships between parents and children, and increase a child’s development of cognitive, language, and social skills.  The link above also has tips for reading aloud to babies.  I am a new mother, my child is only 6 months old, and I can tell you reading aloud to your baby can be a hard thing to do, but it’s worth it.  The important thing to remember is to let them play and chew on the books, and to not force reading.  If they are not interested in reading at this exact moment, it’s not time to read.  Try again in a hour or so.  Here is a list of board books that babies really love.


Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

This is a great book for bedtimes and times when you want to wind things down.  The phrasing in the book forces the reader to take it nice a slow and I prefer to read it in an almost whisper.  The artwork is simple and as the child gets older, you can start to point out things in the pictures that correlate with the words.







Jacket  Baby Faces by Margaret Miller

Babies love to look at faces.  Mine is obsessed.  She will turn the pages over and look at the babies looking back at her.










If You’re Happy and You Know It! by Jane Cabrera

This is a book you sing.  Babies do not care if you think you can’t sing.  Trust me.  My child loves to hear this one and I can’t sing at all!  Really any sing-song book will do.  Find one that you like and feel comfortable singing.






I Kissed the Baby by Mary Murphy

This is one of my absolute favorites.  Everytime the duck says, “I kissed the baby!”  I kiss my baby and she loves it!  The black and white illustrations are very striking and infants and toddlers really respond to that.








Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? by Dr. Seuss

This is a great book to explore sounds, tones, and volumes for your voice.  My daughter is at the point where she is trying to imitate sounds and she really loves it when I make the cow make a crazy moo.






These are just some of the books you can find at the library.  Reading to your child should be a fun and intamate time for you to get to know each other.  Don’t be afraid to be silly and make sure it’s a time you both enjoy.  Learning can be so much fun!


WyLaina Polk is the Manager of the Emily Fowler Central Library and an avid reader of silly books.



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