Some Neato Equipment at the Library

I’m about to sound like a barker at a carnival, but folks, we have some really nice equipment for you to use at the library!

Do you have some old VHS home movies that need to be converted?  Bring ’em on down to the Emily Fowler Central Library where we have one handy dandy VHS converter that is just waiting for someone to use.  You will need to bring your own disk.  The machine converts in real time, so be aware the process takes a while.


How about some 35mm slides that need to be scanned, or 8×10 negatives?  Our Epson Expression XL10000 will scan images (even reflective) up to 12.2″ x 17.2″.  It also has a transparency unit that can be switched out which allows the user to scan 35mm mounted slides, 35mm film strips, and 4″ x 5″ negatives.


Have some microfilm or microfiche that you need to scan?  Our ScanPro 2000 unit can scan 16mm or 35mm film at up to 600 dpi and a speed of one page per 1/10 of a second.  The monitor can be adjusted to capture ledger pages, or full-size newspapers.  The images can be saved as a JPG, TIFF, or PDF with OCR searchable capability.  You can also convert the image from negative to positive, crop images, and clean it up.  This is a very helpful piece of equipment.


And not last, but the last thing I’ll mention, is the KIC Book Scanner.  With it, you can scan a large size book and save to your flash drive.  This scanner is especially kind to rare or delicate books that needs to be scanned because it can adjust for the curvature of the open pages (using the Book Scanner mode).


This equipment can be found in the Special Collections Department at the Emily Fowler Central Library.  It is free and available to use by anyone.  Please ask for assistance before using, or call the library at (940) 349-8752 for more information.

Update: 08/12/2014

We have found the instruction manual for the VHS converter to be lacking in easy to follow instructions, which has resulted in unplayable DVDs.  After sorting through the Toshiba message boards we discovered the problem and would like to add that if anyone has a disc that they recorded that will not play to please bring it back.  There is a final step which takes 60 seconds or less to make the disc playable.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

In order for the disc to be playable on a DVD player, or computer, it needs to be finalized.  This makes it read-only and further editing will not be possible.  After the recording has stopped, using the remote control, choose “Setup Menu” then choose DVD and “Finalize” which takes 30 seconds to a minute.  The disc then displays how many “chapters” there are on the DVD.






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