Volunteers & Saving What We Have

A few months ago we decided to spiff up some things that we love in our building at the Emily Fowler Central Library: the Lynn Ford carvings.  There’s a bank of these carvings in the lower level workroom, which once was the hall between the Teen and Children’s areas.  These particular carvings are in the same place, but the area is now the staff workroom and therefore not readily accessible to the public.  They are still very beautiful, although the finish that Lynn Ford had applied 45 years ago has now completely dried and the carvings have become dusty and a bit lackluster.  The front doors from the 1969 renovation have also been neglected for some time.

One of our volunteers with painting skills (Miss Bobby ) has been coming in once a week to help.  Here you can see a photo of Bobbie working on the old front doors in the enclosed entrance, and a shot of the ones from the hall (looking a little dull and dusty).   ~Leslie




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