Local Music-Palooza!

We have just processed a bunch of local music CDs for your enjoyment! Here they are:

Hope Trust- Light Can’t Escape

The Heelers-The Devil On Your Shoulder

Peopleodian- It Woke The Moon

Mezzetin-Curl and Curvature

Little Grizzly-Please Let Me Go

Angelus-On A Dark & Barren Land

RTB2- In People

Demigs-Cities Can Wait

Delmore Pilcrow-Keep An Eye

Hares On The Mountain-Hares On The Mountain

Fox And the Bird-Fox And The Bird

Seryn-This Is Where We Are

Whiskey Folk Ramblers-And There Are Devils

Shiny Around The Edges-The Night Is A Disco

Ashley Gatta- Where The Humble Go

Zach Balch-Verses

Ella Minnow-Honey Sweet Devils

Come by Emily Fowler Library and git you some!


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