Secrets of the Denton Public Library

In the style of WE DENTON DO IT’S Secrets of Denton County, I submit to you; Secrets of the Denton Public Library.


Did you know that we have an after hours pick up?

Yup, it’s at the North Branch. Just call until 45 minutes before we close and we will place your holds in a locker in the foyer. You will get a code (sounds mysterious!) that will enable you to open that locker.


You can get (almost) any book in the world for free? (InterLibrary Loan)

We are awesome, but we can’t stock EVERY book. If you want a book that we don’t have, just send an InterLibrary Loan request and we will try to get it from another library. (This can take anywhere from one to three weeks, but usually it is just a few days)

Often, if it is a new book or something we feel that we need in our collection, we will purchase the book.

*Currently, this service is down, but should be up and running again in April


Want fries with that Stephen King? * The North Branch has a drive thru!

Got something on hold, but don’t want to come in because you are wearing pajamas? We’ve got you covered! North Branch’s drive through even stocks dog treats (because they can’t read).

(Please don’t come through and ask for fries.)


We have study rooms and meet up spaces!

You don’t want a bunch of strangers in your house! Meet up with your physics study group at any of our branches! Call for more information.

OverDrive Media Console

We have an app!

You don’t have to pay “the man” for your e-books and downloadable audio books.

Download Overdrive and gain on the go access to books and audiobooks!


You can place a hold on those big blockbusters before they come.

Just make sure to check our blog, twitter, facebook or the new titles page to see what’s coming in. Beat the rush and you can often get items the day they are released on DVD!


You can learn a new language (even pirate!) FREE!

Using our subscription to Mango Languages, you can learn almost any language free of charge.


We have a huge selection of local music.

RTB2? Sarah Jaffe? Fishboy? Brave Combo? Midlake? Ella Minnow? Man Factory? Shiny Around the Edges?

We got em.


You can request that we purchase items.

Think we need more underwater basket weaving books? Just send a request. (Although, you might get denied on that request.)



We offer free computer classes.

Tired of Grandma or your crazy aunt asking you to help her sign up for “the facebook?” We can help.


North branch has a used bookstore!


We order a copy of every movie that has made at least 3 million at the box office.

Sick of going to Dallas to see that precious indie? We will probably get it in a few months, if it did even reasonably at the box office.


We offer laptop check outs!*

(Not available at North.)


Need library privileges at another library? Get a Tex Share card.

You can check out at other participating libraries, including UNT and TWU. For a list of participating libraries click here.


We have a ghost at Emily Fowler, possibly Emily Fowler.

This cannot be confirmed or denied.


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