In The Weeds, 11/7/12: Amelia Found at TWU

   This is one of those really cool collisions between people and institutions. If you don’t mind, let me recount the story of how this happened because I think it has value in itself.

A few weeks back, Associate Professor of History at TWU Kate Landdeck contacted me about a project she is working on. I mentioned The Portal to Texas History website as a repository of the Denton Public Library photo archive. In the course of our conversation, Dr. Landdeck informed me that, in one of our photos, Amelia Earhart can be seen. While doing research for her project, she had identified one of the people in a photo entitled “Three Unidentified Women” as Amelia. Sure enough, there she is. Apparently, Ms Earhart was touring the country promoting aviation, especially for women.

Here’s one of several photos in the series of Ms Earhart at TWU:

As anyone with a collection of old photos can relate to, sometimes not everything you have has been meticulously identified and archived.  It takes fresh eyes to see something that was previously unknown. Here’s the Jan 27th, 1936 Denton Record-Chronicle on her visit to TSCW (TWU):  1.27.36DRC 

We are most grateful to Dr. Landdeck for indentifying Amelia for us and anyone who uses the Portal!


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