Miss Emily’s JukeJoint 8.24.12: Folkies invade NTSU!

   In my research for someone unrelated in the old Denton High Bronco yearbooks circa 1962, I came across the following photo of one “Steve Fromholz”…

Bad Luck Steve

    I figured it had to be the singer-songwriter because it fit the era and that name is kinda unusual. The next one is pretty sweet:

Friendly Steve

   Which led my brain to vaguely remember a picture of him at NTSU. Sure enough, here he is in the 1964 Yucca yearbook with the more well-known Michael Martin Murphy singing an old appalacian tune that the Stanley Brothers recorded and Ralph Stanley made hugely popular about a decade ago thanks to the “O Brother, Where Art Thou” soundtrack and movie.

Wherefore Art Thous

Some kind of unbroken circle, what with the resurgence of folk-influenced music of current Denton bands such as Hares on the Mountain. The so-called “folk craze” of the early ’60s swept many a college campus but, I don’t know how many could say in retrospect that they had two very fine musicians in the making. You can read about Steve here and Michael here and about the Folk Music Club at North Texas State here.


One thought on “Miss Emily’s JukeJoint 8.24.12: Folkies invade NTSU!

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