In The Weeds 7.26.12: The *Other* Denton, Texas

   When searching the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) website for weather forecasts for Denton, Texas, you will get *two* choices: Denton, Tx ( Denton County)  and Denton, Tx (Callahan County). Its only taken me several years to decide to dig into this anomaly. The Handbook of Texas Online has it listed as Denton, Tx (Callahan County), whereas, the book I Remember Callahan, published by the Callahan County Historical Commission, has it referenced as “Denton Valley Community”.

    However it is described, one thing both sources have in common is that it is considered a ghost town and had apparently been listed as a town as recently as 1990 with a population of six in 2000. The following website has a few pictures of the area but I have yet to find pictures of the town from the early 20th century: At the Portal to Texas History, you can zoom in on an old land map here to see the land that G.W. Denton had patented. Look to the western part of Callahan County. Here’s the map again, because there needs to be at least one picture in this blog post!

Callahan County

     I don’t know how many other states have had two communities with the same name but I imagine its probably very few. I wonder if mail was ever mis-sent or other accidents occured because of this? I searched the DRC online to see if there was any news reported of such, but no luck.


3 thoughts on “In The Weeds 7.26.12: The *Other* Denton, Texas

  1. It’s actually not that uncommon for communities to share names from historic persons (Washington, Jefferson, LaFayette, etc) but is this township named after kin of John B. Denton or another lineage entirely?

    • Hi Doc T-
      True about the place names generally. Perhaps I wasn’t as clear as I might’ve been- I meant that it is unusual for there to be two place names within the same state of the same type. IE: two towns with the same “name”. There are probably many instances of same place names, but the places are different. For instance, Washington County, Missouri and the town of Washington, Missouri (which is in Frankin County, Mo.). Re: the Denton name, I haven’t had the chance yet to research if he belongs to the same family/line as John B. but I was wondering the same thing myself.
      Thanks for reading! -Chuck

  2. Hi DocT-
    If you are still reading: I checked the Denton Family genealogy files we have here and there is no one listed that seems to match the name on the Callahan County map. Our files were donated from one of the descendants of John B. There may be a connection that is yet unknown, perhaps?

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