Time traveling with the Ju-Cy Pig.

Someone recently gave the Special Collections Department at the Emily Fowler Library two menus from Burch’s Ju-Cy Pig Restaurant dated1966.  The menus sport two different covers, but  their insides are the same.  Victor Cornelius, Inc., a  company out of Eastland, Texas printed them.


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Anyway, a couple of the staff perused the menus and wondered just what the difference was between a Chocolate Milk “400” and “800” were.   One of us thought it referred to size, but the others were hoping that it referred to more of a “kick.”  I sure hope so.

Then I mused: what if we got an old telephone and plugged it in and dialed the number?  Would we get the Ju-Cy Pig?  And if we ordered a milk shake over the phone and asked if they could deliver, would somebody show up?  And if they did, would it only work if we had pre-1966 money?

Can you tell I’ve recently read Stephen King’s, 11/22/63?



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