What We’re Reading this Summer



The true meaning of smekday 

I’m reading The true meaning of smekday  It’s a really fun book written from the point of view of a little girl describing her experience of the alien invasion.  The book is very humorous because the aliens have the same attitude as early Europeans did during their reign of conquest.  The book is also about unlikely friendships, and is great for those who love adventure stories.




4:50 from Paddington by Agatha Christie

The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie


North Branch Library is acquiring Agatha Christie’s novels in large print.  So what better time than summer to re-read the “Madame of Murder” Agatha Christie.  I have seen the movies and have read the books many, many years ago, so re-reading these two titles was like visiting old friends.  I even thought I remembered “who done it” but I was dead wrong.


In 4:50 from Paddington Mrs. McGillicuddy sees a man strangling a woman on a passing train.  She reports what she saw to the authorities with unconvincing results.  Mrs. McGillicuddy turns to her good friend Miss Marple for help.  Only the demure Miss Marple can logically pursue the clues to solve the crime and get the murderer to confess.  But where and to who will the clues lead her?


Jerry Burton is our first-person narrator in The Moving Finger. He is convalescing in the quiet town of Lymstock, a town with its share of shameful secrets.  An outbreak of anonymous hate mail causes one of the recipients to commit suicide.  The corner ruled this death as suicide but Miss Marple questions the ruling.  Now no one trusts anyone as secrets are becoming the catalyst to murder.



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