First place winner for Children’s Non-Fiction Denton Writes 2012; Micah Powell

The Bare Facts about Bare Feet

by Micah Powell

                “Don’t go outside without wearing your shoes,” my mother warns. Shoes are important because they provide safety for workers, protection from disease and poison. I love that shoes protect people.

                To start with, shoes provide safety for workers. Construction workers wear steel toed shoes to protect them from falling hammers. They can also protect the workers from getting injured by stepping on nails and tacks. Workers often use dangerous tools and their steel toed shoes protect them from harm. The best thing about these shoes is that they will protect builders from injury.

                Also, wearing shoes is important because they can protect you from disease. Public showers are very nasty, so you should wear flip-flops or Crocks to protect you from diseases. Trash dumps are very dangerous. They have rusted metal and steel. Poor people working in trash dumps need shoes to protect them from these dangers or they may get infected with lockjaw. What I love about shoes is that they protect you from lots of things.

                As well, shoes can protect you from poisonous things. In the jungle, snakes can be deadly if you don’t have shoes. Jungles have many poisonous plants, and if you don’t have shoes on you may step on one of these such as poison ivy or poison oak. Some dumps have toxic waste. If the people who work in the dumps have no shoes, they could get sick or die. Animals carry diseases, but insects are the worst. Most of them are poisonous and if you’re not wearing shoes, a poisonous insect could crawl up your leg and bite you. I think shoes are a good invention for mankind, because they protect us in many ways.

                So you can see, shoes are important, because they provide safety for workers and protection from disease and poison. Make sure your children wear shoes when they go out to play so they won’t get hurt or infected. You should wear shoes when you leave the house, too. 


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