Denton Writes 2012 Winner for Children’s Poetry; Mia Knight


by Mia Knight

Green looks like blossoms that bloom in the spring.

Like ripe green pears that make me want to sing.

Green looks like grass that’s healthy and strong.

Like the look on someone when something is wrong.

Green sounds like mother who dances along,

to all of my very favorite songs.

Green sounds like summer wind blowing the trees.

Even the ones that are old and need things.

Green makes me feel like I’m about to be sick.

Like stinky blue cheese or a soup that’s too thick.

Green tastes like frosting on a pretty bundt cake.

Green tastes like mud in a dirty, green lake.

Green tastes like apples that are juicy and sour.

Like being late to school by almost one hour!

Green feels like mold on old, stinky bread.

Like fragile green leaves that fall to my head.

Green smells like rotten milk in the fridge.

Green smells like skunk lying dead in the hedge.

Green smells like broccoli fresh from the pot.

Green smells like mints brownies. Mmmm…. It hits the spot!



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