Denton Writes 2012 Children’s Fiction Winner, Jamie Ordonez


Easter on the Farm


by Jamie Ordonez

Scene 1


Frog: Have you ever wondered what (croak) Easter is like on a farm? Read this story to find out!


Horse: Hellooooo there, I haven’t seen you in a while. I haven’t seen you at all! Are you new?


Cow: Yes, I am moo. How long have moo been here?


Horse: Ohhhh, maaaayyybe about 25 days. Have you ever had Easter on a farm?


Cow: Noooo. I’ve just mooooved here to my first farm.


Horse: Ohhhh, well here’s what it’s like. Goooo into the farmhouse.


Frog: So the (croak) horse and the (croak) cow went into the (croak) farmhouse to see what Easter on a farm was like.


Scene 2


Frog: When they got into the farmhouse (croak), there was a lot of noise! The eggs were hatching, there were a million baby bunnies hopping around (croak), and all the animals were dancing and having a very good time.


Horse: This is what Easter is like in the farmhouse. Now let’s go to the field where the pigs, goats, and sheep are.


Scene 3


Frog: The cow thought he heard someone say, “Mudball Fight Time!!!” He looked over to where the baby pigs were, and immediately a big glob of mud came towards his face. He ducked just in time! (croak)


Cow: Mooo! That was a close one!


Frog: Just then (croak), a herd of (croak) goats came charging at Horse.


Cow: Moooove! Get out of the way, Horse!


Frog: Once (croak) Horse got out of the way (croak), the herd of crazy goats just (croak) came charging at Cow instead! (croak)


Horse: Get out of the naaaaayyyyy!!!


Frog: Once (croak) Cow got out of the way (croak), the herd of crazy (croak) goats just came charging (croak) at the herd of sheep. Just then (croak), the farmer came out and yelled “Stoooooooppppp, crazy goats!” The goats immediately stopped and looked around to see what the farmer was so mad about. When they realized it was them, they started giving the farmer innocent looks.


Scene 4


Horse: Next, let’s go see what Easter is like to the farmer’s pets.


Frog: So the horse and the cow (croak) went near the stables to see what Easter was like with cats.


Cat: Hello, would you like to see my five kittens? (Meow.) They’re the ones that (mew, mew, mew) Hey, stop that! The ones that are saying, “Mew, mew, mew!”


Frog: So (croak) out came five little cute kittens, mewing like crazy. One of them (croak) snuck up on Cow and climbed onto his back.


Cow: Hey, stop mooing that! (as he ran around, trying to get the kitten off his back)


Kitten: Wheee!!!


Frog: After that (croak), all the other kittens wanted to do it, too (croak), so they all just climbed up on Horse’s back.


Horse: Naaaayyy, stop that! I’m not a pig! I can’t give you a piggyback ride!


Cat: (sigh) They look cute, but they sure can be troublemakers sometimes.


Horse: Uhhhhh, maybe we should be going to see what Easter is like with German Shepherds. Bye!


Frog: The kittens (croak) climbed off the backs of Horse and (croak) Cow and went over to Cat to get some milk. (croak)





Scene 5


Frog: As they got closer to the house, they started hearing some barking. (croak) When they got there (croak), ten baby German Shepherds were yipping around happily. The puppies were singing, “Yip, Yip, Yippidy-Yip. Today is Easter Sunday.” (croak)


Horse: Hello, there. I hope you aren’t as crazy as those kittens over there.


Puppies: Kittens?!! Where? Where are the kittens?


Cow: Oh, never mind. But we’re inviting you to the party we’re having. Just follow us!


Puppies: Party?!!


Frog: And so all the animals of the farm gathered in the field and had a big party to celebrate Easter. They (croak) even invited me! Well, have a great Easter! And I hope you learned what Easter is like on a farm.


The End


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