The Mill has been repurposed (once again)

The fountain in front of the Emily Fowler Central Library has been converted into a planter, with the purpose of saving water.  It was completed this week by the wonderful staff the Denton Parks Department.

The Mill was constructed by Arnold Austad in 1980 from, “a junk pile, which was behind Harpool Seed’s grain elevator and was donated by Tom Harpool, the fountain contains parts from the old Kimbell Flour Mill, Trinity Industries and Harpool’s Seed Cleaning plant.”  Gibson, Elise.  (1980, July 18) Self-taught designer: art speak for itself.  Denton Record-Chronicle.  Which makes the “pieces and parts” of the fountain over 130 years old. 

Photograph of the construction, 1981.  Photo courtesy of the Courthouse Museum, Denton Record-Chronicle photograph collection.

 The Mill as of this morning:


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