Drawn and Quarterly Selections

Do you love the work that Drawn and Quarterly is publishing? We do too! Here are some hi-lights from the collection. Click the cover for links to our catalog.

Reunion by Girard Pascal

Scenes from an impending marriage by Adrian Tomine

Black blizzard by Yoshihiro Tatsumi

Picture this by Lynda Barry

Cecil and Jordan by Gabrielle Bell

Gentleman Jim by Raymond Briggs

Wilson by Daniel Clowes

Make me a woman by Vanessa Davis

Burma Chronicles by Guy Delisle

365 Days a Diary Julie Doucet

Skitzy by Don Freeman

Hicksville by Dylan Horrocks

Catland Empire by Keith Jones

Red Snow by Susumu Katsumata

Onwards Towards our Noble Death by Shigeru Mizuki

Big questions, or, Asomatognosia : whose hand is it anyway by Anders Brekhus Nilsen

Mid-Life by Joe Ollman

Market Day by James Sturm


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